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Fixed income investments can help you to generate a steady source of income.

Investors receive a fixed amount of income at regular intervals in the form of coupon payments on their bond holdings.

Non-convertible debentures (NCDs) are a financial instrument that is used by companies to raise long-term capital. This is done through a public issue. NCDs are a debt instrument with a fixed tenure and people who invest in these receive regular interest at a certain rate.

We can think of investing in fixed income bonds to diversify our portfolio & asset allocation.

We are authorised channel partner of Edelweiss Broking Ltd for fixed income investment products like NCDs, Corporate FDs, Sovereign Gold Bonds, RBI Bonds & Capital Gain (54EC) Bonds etc. The process of applying in fixed income is easy and can be done online.



Depending on your financial goals, fixed income investments can offer many potential benefits, including:

  • Diversification from stock market risk

  • Capital preservation

  • Beats FD rate

  • Liquidity

  • Can be traded in secondary market

Risks involved in Bond Market-

  • Interest Rate Risk

  • Credit Risk

  • Default Risk

  • Liquidity Risk etc



Provide steady income to the investor


Fixed income securities are rated by credit rating agencies


Fixed income securities are less volatile


Treasury Bonds are guaranteed by government & provide safety of returns

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