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Financial planning is the long-term process to meet your financial goals using existing resources. Financial planning is different than investment Planning. Financial planning covers several areas of personal finance such as:

  • Child Education planning

  • Investment planning

  • Insurance planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Tax planning

  • Estate planning

 5 Point Process 

Every client is different and requires personalized plan to fulfil their financial dreams. We at SHPL defined 5-point process to design personalised financial plan.


Understand client’s goals - Our initial meeting with client helps us to understand client’s aspirations, goals, needs, business, current investment pattern & portfolio and risk appetite which helps us in planning their finances in better & realistic way.

Analyse Client Goals - We analyse client’s need, aspirations and future goals as per priorities and define them exactly in Goal Matrix in long-term, short-term and medium-term categories.


Basis of financial & behavioural information gathered in initial meeting, we recommend best suitable investment solution with suitable asset allocation to ensure all investments are aligned with their goals, risk profile and client’s expectations.  We also recommend life and health insurance planning for long term wealth protection. Finally, we present proposed investment solution to our clients and discuss.

Execution – On agreeing upon investment solutions, we move forward for execution. We initiate the process from registrations and documentation for investments.


Monitor & Review – We continuously monitor client’s investments & keep eye on their investments done through us. Periodic reviews of client portfolio & goal tracking is important process in financial planning which is implemented at regular intervals.

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